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Channel's Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Dish Shahid Plus TV Bitrate: Green / Green / Green
Shaanxi Dish online television (陕西卫视) is a Dish online television Online Stream Channel owned & operated by Shaanxi online television (SAXonline television / 陕西广播电视台 / 陕西电视台), Placed at Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
Type: All Lang: Chinese Stream: Smart Live

Xi'an online television service Bitrate: Green (XATV-1)
Xi'an online television (XAonline television / XANonline television / 西安电视台) is a local online television station owned & operated by the City of Xi'an government (in Shaanxi Province).
XATV-1 (Live News & All / 新闻综合) Green (Smart Live)
XATV-2 (City Online Stream Channel / 白鸽都市频道) Green (Smart Live)
XATV-3 (Business Ch. / 商务资讯频道) Green (Smart Live)
XATV-4 (Culture & Drama / 文化影视) Green (Smart Live)
XATV-5 (Health Ch. / 健康快乐频道) Green (Smart Live)
XATV-6 (Mp3 & Ent. / 音乐综艺频道) Green (Smart Live)
Type: All Lang: Chinese Stream: Smart Live